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The Thing That Happened At The Show House

ANNA EMM  |  ISBN: 9781990936661

Meet estate agent, Lucy Martelli. She was poisoned at the show house.

Now she is stuck there...


When he gets called away from a braai one Sunday afternoon for a suspected murder at a nearby show house, Captain Gideon Burke expects a straightforward homicide. However, too many things just don't add up, and he soon finds himself being drawn deeper and deeper into this strange case. As he interviews the various suspects and witnesses one by one, combing again and again through every inch of the crime scene, he can't help but be aware of the victim's lingering presence...


What does she want from him? What does he want from her? And, if the truth about their history ever comes out, will it put the case in jeopardy?


Road to Un

ANNA EMM  |  ISBN: 978-1-928522-58-4

In the presence of great darkness, heroes wil rise...


The crack was so small that nobody noticed it at first. By the time they realised what was going on, the darkness had already infiltrated the town. There was only one thing to do: Seal it off. And so the town of Un and the people in it lay hidden for fifty years.


In the streets they call him Whip. He is fast. He gets things done. After many years in foster homes, Joel Clementine had run away and joined the gangs at the age of twelve. He understands how to survive, how to lay low. But when his friend messes up during a drug drop and becomes a dead man walking, Joel has no choice but to go and retrieve the money.


Only, on his way to Smithville there is an accident … and exactly fifty years after the prophecy, Joel Clementine stumbles into Un.



ANNA EMM  |  ISBN: 978-1-928522-41-6

Dis 2041 en daar was jare laas enige teken van rotte in die stad onder die berg. Maar dit was voordat Geo die boksie rottegif in die kas ontdek het en besluit het om 'n einde aan sy lewe te maak. Net, dit wás nie die einde nie. Want toe hy twee dae later in die hospitaal wakker word, is daar 'n man met 'n grys pak langs sy bed. 'n Man wat vir hom 'n tweede kans op geluk aanbied: Enige drie wense in ruil vir sy diskresie.... Maar die dinge wat verkeerd was in sy lewe, is nie ál wat deur die drie wense verander is nie. Nou, terug in 'n alternatiewe realiteit, moet Geo probeer uitvind presies wat dit is wat hy nie kan onthou nie en probeer sin maak van dit wat hy wél onthou. Hy mag dalk net die enigste mens wees wat weet dat iets, iewers, vreeslik verkeerd gegaan het. Hy mag dalk net die enigste mens wees wat dit weer kan regstel. 

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