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The Albert Wiggle adventure series!

Meet Albert Wiggle. He is a bit weird and eccentric, drawn to all kinds of mysteries and dangers! Albert inherits The Lemon Shop in the woods from his great uncle Bert Wiggle, but he is allergic to lemons. He'd rather solve cases, catch monsters and villains, and fight evil. One by one clients start turning up at The Lemon Shop, clients with strange problems only Albert can solve. Together with his YouTubing-assistant, Mila, and a talking frog, he takes on these cases ... and soon becomes known as a sleuth extraordinaire.

Albert Wiggle 01 Something Rotten.png
Albert Wiggle 02 The Pumpkin Pest.png
AW_Book6_cover copy.png
Albert Wiggle 03 Slippery Slime.png
Albert leaning out.png
Albert Wiggle 04 A cave full of bats.png
Albert Wiggle
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