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Albert Wiggle: Something Rotten

ANNA EMM  |  ISBN: 978-1-928517-50-4

Meet Albert Wiggle. He is a bit weird and eccentric, drawn to all kinds of mysteries and dangers! Albert inherits The Lemon Shop in the woods from his great uncle Bert Wiggle, but he is allergic to lemons. He'd rather solve cases, catch monsters and villains, and fight evil. One by one clients start turning up at The Lemon Shop, clients with strange problems only Albert can solve. Together with his YouTubing-assistant, Mila, and a talking frog, he takes on these cases ... and soon becomes known as a sleuth extraordinaire.

Albert Wiggle 02 The Pumpkin Pest.png

Albert Wiggle: The Pumpkin Pest

ANNA EMM  |  ISBN: 978-1-928517-51-1

Something strange is going on at Farmer Jack’s farm. The pumpkins are growing extremely big all of a sudden, and their stalks and stems look an awful lot like hands... And there are the noises coming from the pumpkin fields at night. At first Farmer Jack thought it was his imagination, but then one of the pumpkins got hold of his dog... 

There is only one person to solve such a mystery, and it is Albert Wiggle. Together with his assistant, Mila, and the disappearing frog, he takes on the case of the Pumpkin Pest.

Albert Wiggle 03 Slippery Slime.png

Albert Wiggle: Slippery Slime

ANNA EMM  |  ISBN: 978-1-928522-15-7

Our sleuth-extraordinaire, Albert Wiggle, is on his way to the city to visit his Auntie Zelda. He is taking his assistant, Mila, and the disappearing frog along. But no sooner had they arrived, than they discover that something is not quite right. Something strange is brewing in the city... 

And when disgusting green slime starts oozing out from underneath the city streets, the police come knocking on Auntie Zelda’s door to ask for Albert Wiggle’s help. Now it is up to him to solve the mystery. 

Albert Wiggle 04 A cave full of bats.png

Albert Wiggle: A Cave full of Bats

ANNA EMM  |  ISBN: 978-1-928522-35-5

When Albert Wiggle receives a strange gift from an admirer, an old abandoned cave that hides a mysterious treasure, he decides to investigate. But there is only one problem. The cave is full of bats, and Albert Wiggle has an ... um ... issue with bats. 


All is not as it appears, though. And soon our sleuth-

extraordinaire suspects that there is more to these bats than meets the eye. Can Albert and Mila and the disappearing frog solve this mystery? 


Albert Wiggle: The Great Swamp Mystery

ANNA EMM  |  ISBN: 978-1-928522-36-2

When Albert Wiggle’s brother, Lloyd, shows up to compete in the Great Swamp Fishing Competition, 

he invites Albert and Mila along. Albert is not very excited. He dislikes fishing and swamps almost as much as he dislikes his brother. 

But at the swamp something is amiss... Strange things are happening. When Lloyd and the farmer’s daughter suddenly disappear, the security guards ask Albert Wiggle to investigate. 

AW_Book6_cover copy.png

Albert Wiggle: Beware of the Mirror

ANNA EMM  |  ISBN: 978-1-928522-40-9

Albert Wiggle’s young assistant, Mila, is getting ready for a birthday party at the old Lemon Shop. Guests start arriving and the gifts are piling up. But who has brought the beautiful old mirror that is standing in the spare room? 

Then one of Mila’s friends disappears ... and Albert Wiggle suspects the mirror had something to do with it. He decides to investigate. 


Albert Wiggle: Blob Trouble

ANNA EMM  |  ISBN: 978-1-928522-52-2


This might be supersleuth, Albert Wiggle's, strangest case so far... Someone gave the little boy Thomas a strange new toy - a blob - and now the blob is growing! And it seems to be hungry...


Can Albert Wiggle, his assistant, Mila, and the invisible frog stop the blob before it gets out of control? This time, even Albert himself is not so sure...

Something Rotten
Pumpkin Pest
Slippery Slime
Cave full of bats
Swamp mystery
Blob Trouble
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