Anna Emm currently lives in Cape Town with her husband and two daughters. She has been writing all her life, and has established herself as an extremely versatile, focused and prolific indie author.


After a brief teaching career in her early twenties, she launched her own company that produced audio stories for children. By the time she closed the company in 2020, Anna had written and produced more than 3 000 original children’s stories and sold millions of CDs and books, turning her into a household name and making her the biggest and most successful children’s story author in South Africa. But that wasn’t all she did. During this time she also self-published 17 youth books, 2 volumes of short stories, 21 romance novels, 3 mystery novels and 38 short murder mystery novels, proving herself just as popular with adults readers as with children.

Although Anna has focussed on the local market during recent years and thus wrote mostly in Afrikaans, she prefers writing in English. Her style is informal and easy to read. Her characters are relatable, her dialogue sharp, and her storylines fast moving, with lots of surprise twists and turns! According to her fans Anna's books "are addictive” and “read like movies". Even the most reluctant readers swear that, “once you pick up an Anna Emm book, you can’t put it down”!


"If ever i should find myself stranded on an island with only books to keep me company, I will be completely content as long as they are Anna Emm's books!"

L. Coetzee

“I am absolutely addicted to Anna's style of storytelling!”


“All her stories grip you from the beginning!

Anna Emm is utterly entertaining!”

M. Carrick

“These books have sparked my love for reading again.”

E. van der Merwe

“Her books are so easy to read - even as ebooks. Beware: Once you’ve started, you won’t be able to put it down…” 

L. Conradie

“Brilliant writing! Anna Emm is your daily dose of action, mystery, romance and lovable, relatable characters - all in one!”


“It amazes me how the creativity simply keeps flowing from your pen…”

R. van Eck 

“I enjoy all your books so, so much! Please don’t ever stop writing!”