Anna Emm is not only a successful author. She is also an entrepreneur who launched her own publishing company in 2006, through which she has written and produced more than 2000 children's stories in book and audio book format. Many local celebrities have lent their voices to her children's stories. In 2015 this company was awarded Small to Medium Enterprise of the Year by Afrigrowth.

In 2016 Anna published her autobiography, The Storyteller's Book – an inspiring testimony about her lifelong love affair with words and the role that stories and books have played in her healing from the abuse and trauma during her childhood years. In 2017 the local TV-programme, Kwêla, features an insert on Anna, calling her 'the biggest producer of children's stories in the country'.

Between 2017 and 2019 she has written 21 contemporary romance novels for adults, and 9 books for young readers (8-12 years).

In 2019 Anna's first fantasy book for adult readers, Gif (Poison), was published. Her second fantasy novel, Road To Un, released in March 2020 on her 44th birthday.

Besides writing and managing her company, Anna Emm also mentors other authors. She and her husband, Stefan van der Vyver, live in Cape Town with their two daughters, Elanie and Mila.

“I believe in the power of stories. I believe that a story well told can inspire, motivate and heal like no other medium on earth...”

- Anna Emm 2006


Contact mail@annaemm.co.za to book Anna Emm as speaker for your next event.

Vir my Afrikaanse kinderstories, besoek die Anna Emm Pod: www.AnnaEmmPod.co.za

Vind meer uit oor my mentorskap vir skrywers: www.Nukkerig.com

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