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NEW: The Dual Book Series

After moving to London in 2022, Anna got the idea for a series of heightened reality mystery books - fairy tales for adults. These books each contain 2 shorter novels which makes for an easier, more digestible read, thus the name: DUAL BOOK SERIES.


The stories are free-standing and can be read in any order, but they are linked to each other in surprising ways: Look out for recurring characters and locations, hidden easter eggs, references to the other stories, and intersections where characters from one story cross paths with characters from another story.


Although the DUAL BOOKS are first and foremost fiction, the writing style is designed to enhance concentration, to stimulate creativity, and to assist in healing the brain from symptoms of trauma and fatigue.

SURVEY: A group of 500 people were asked to take part in a Trial Reading of the first book, completing an anonymous survey before and after. Of this group, 89.1% reported a decline in anxiety, mental fatigue and trauma symptoms, while 48.2% said some of their symptoms completely disappeared after reading the book. 98% of reported an improvement in concentration.


Click HERE to read what some of these readers had to say.


Available now!



When Harvey Bell tries to warn his co-workers about the strange patterns he's been noticing in the newly-serviced office lifts, nobody takes him seriously. After all, Harvey is neurotic, forever seeing danger in everything. But when one of the lifts malfunction and accidentally shows Harvey a vision of his own murder, five days into the future, he knows he can't ignore his intuition any longer. Forced to team up with the only person who believes his wild story - the eccentric deli-worker, Orea, who goes about on roller-skates - Harvey sets off in a race against time to get to the bottom of the strange patterns, and to stop the murder from coming true.


South African housewife Jenna Cawood has two secrets: She is protected by a polar bear only she can see, and she's been having an affair with a man she's never met. When Oliver Hardy phoned from London one afternoon, theirs was an instant connection that soon turned romantic. But Jenna's world is turned upside down when Oliver goes missing and her husband suddenly dies of a stroke. Jenna decides to travel to London to search for her lover, but upon arriving in the UK she discovers that the man she is looking for is wanted by the police. Now caught in a dangerous world of cyber crime and murder, Jenna is over her head, with only an imaginary polar bear to protect her.

Feedback from an anonymous survey:

"I sleep better after reading the book and I feel more relaxed."

"I found that my thoughts were not wandering whilst reading the book, which is something that usually happens."

"I mentioned your book to my psychiatrist and told her it comforted me when I felt a depression low coming on."


"I need more books like this, and not the darker books I have been reading..."

"I feel more connected to my own feelings after reading the book."

"These stories were fast-paced and easy to read, while bringing loads of comic relief and general warm happy feelings! Well done and thank you for giving a voice to the unheard..."

"The book made me feel that it is okay to be different..."

"Totally less stressed!"

"I noticed that I was sleeping much better after reading a chapter or two at night."

"I felt a calmness whilst reading the book. I must say the calmness is still experienced even after finishing the book."

"Feeling more positive."

"Anna gives a voice to the underdog, to those who struggle to fit in, to make us feel we're not alone. These stories say it's okay to be a little odd..."

"Loved the way that the two stories linked!"

"The book was relaxing and mentally calming. Very well written."

"It's been hard to commit to anything recently, but once I committed to reading this book, I stuck to it... It calmed me."

"I felt empowered after reading this."

"I felt lighter."

"I enjoyed the book and my stress levels disappeared..."

(Taken from an anonymous survey of 500+ trial readers, men and women between ages 20-65, and all struggling with various degrees of mental health issues.)

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