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New releases for 2022 and 2023:

November 2022 - "Bartholomew's in love"- An Atmospheric Thriller


An isolated island guarded by a siren... A cult community determined to keep its secrets... A missing woman, and one man's desperate search to find out what happened to her.

In 1766 mutiny broke out on the slave ship, Meermin, and it stranded on the shores of Struisbaai, South Africa. More than two centuries later, in the same place, a fisherman encountered a siren and received enlightenment…

Following the death of his father, 28-year-old Bartholomew Lorde is now set to succeed him as the leader of the New Earth Fellowship, a cult community on the isolated Strongman Island. But on the evening before his inauguration Bartholomew meets a girl on the mainland … and falls in love. Alex, a liberal journalist, convinces the lovestruck Bartholomew that there is a whole world waiting for him out there, and together they devise a plan to get him off the island and away from his uncle Mordecai’s control. But on the night they are set to escape, Alex doesn’t show up...

Now Bartholomew is in a dangerous race against time to find out what happened to her. Conflicted between his obsession with Alex and his loyalty to his father’s vision, can he trust his own mind? What is real and what is deception? And if he can’t find Alex, does he still have the courage and the means to escape the island? Does he still want to?

November 2022 - "What Poisonous Things"- A Time Travel Thriller


The day Geo Perold chose to alter his life with three magic wishes ...

he ruined everything.

When Geo Perold wakes up in hospital after having swallowed a handful of rat poison in a failed suicide attempt, he is visited by a man who offers him three wishes – the chance to alter his reality. Believing the man must have escaped from the psych ward, Geo decides to play along, hoping to get rid of him. But then he wakes up back in time to a life slightly different from the one he had tried to escape, and finds that his three biggest problems have miraculously disappeared.

It takes Geo a while to discover that a few other things have changed as well. The modern 2041 city that he had left behind is now dark and broody, and infested with rats... As Geo starts following a trail of breadcrumbs it leads him to a very disturbing realization: He has been tricked! Because of him, the city is now in danger, and he might be the only one who can save it, because he is the only one who remembers things as they were before.

But then, can he trust his own memories?

(Trigger warning: Themes of suicide)

December 2022 - "The thing that happened at the Show House"- A whodunit


Someone poisoned estate agent Lucy Martelli, and now she's stuck in an empty show house. To leave, she will have to solve her own murder first...

When he gets called away from a family braai one Sunday afternoon for a suspected murder at a nearby show house, Captain Gideon Burke expects it to be a straightforward homicide. However, too many things just don't add up, and he soon finds himself being drawn deeper and deeper into this strange case.


As he interviews the small group of suspects and witnesses one by one, combing through every inch of the crime scene again and again, he can't help but sense the victim's lingering presence... What does she want from him? What does he want from her? And, if the truth about their history were ever to come out, would it put the outcome of the case in jeopardy?

THE THING THAT HAPPENED AT THE SHOW HOUSE is a different kind of murder mystery by popular South African author Anna Emm. Known for her fast-paced, cross-genre suspense novels, this one is no different. Just like with the author's other books, you won't be able to put it down!

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